Today is being celebrated as Mother’s day almost all over the world.Every one visualize mother’s face first as  soon as the birth takes place.First God is mother to everybody.God created mothers to take care of humans as he can’t be everywhere always.The childhood of all will be filled with sweet memoirs of lullabies sung by the murmuring voice of mother.Annamacharya gifted many such like Raamaa laali,Jo Achyuthaanandha etc.There is no bad mother all over the world towards her children.After growing many forget the service done by mother without any hesitation to keep her child clean.We Indians give first place to mother as we call our country as Motherland.   Mother Theressaa is universal mother belonging to all countries.

Second Sunday of May every year is being celebrated to honor mothers.Anna Jarvis of West Virginia in 1905 used a white carnation flower to overcome the grief of the loss of her beloved mother.Her mother used to say always while she was alive to have a special day to honor all mothers worldwide.So Anna used to write letters to politicians and press about this.In 1914 this second Sunday is declared as Mother’s day.

Let us pay tributes to all mothers of the world.


Modern kashta jeevulu

As we are observing modern youth we are happy about their hard work for family.Old proverb is cut your coat according to the cloth. But they are rewriting that.Earn yo buy sufficient cloth to have a wished coat. They always run with clock.Even one second late make them backward in the race.Also their responsibility towards  their elders is very awesome. Both couple work without wasting time Weekends for enjoyment.The waybthdy treat their children is worthy to praise.Educated mothers are assets to them.Their grand  parents support them. We wish the youth a happy new year.


Till today many devotees raise up before 4 have thalasnaanam with cold water.This is the only maasam when both Mahaa Vishnu and Mahaa Shiva are worshipped Starting from the next day of Dheepaavali some will not take till Nakshathrodhayam.They are known as Nakthaalu.Afterwards delicious dinner follows.
After they finish their dheeksha they leave dheepaalu in water preferably in a holy river.If not improvised with a big basin added with water replacing river.One mahaa pathivratha Poli comes to bhoolokam and will be here till the end of this kaartheekam.They bid a farewell by doing like this
Next day morning,.need not be early morning they will have Mohinee snaanam as a mark of ending dheeksha.